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arca is an uncompromisingly sustainable transport solution,
developed by one of the world's leading companies in art transport:

hasenkamp group


Made to protect binds the product philosophy of protecting the inner valuables and keeping the environmental impact as low as possible.

arca was created in a design thinking process together with professionals such as conservators, registrars, art packers and carpenters.



You expect flexibility in handling, ease of transport and a consistently sustainable design? arca is exactly made for this.


You require a crate that is of high quality, available quickly and with ease of use? 
Ask for arca.

Collectors & Artists

You want nothing less than a sustainable art transport, proven safety and maximum service comfort? That's arca.

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Sustainable Product Design


Less Weight 


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Can art be transported sustainably?

For many years, the hasenkamp group has been constantly improving and becoming more sustainable in three key areas:

  1. Sustainable and reusable packaging
  2. Energy-saving storage
  3. Emission- and resource-efficient transportation 

In this context, arca plays a decisive role as a highly innovative transport crate made of regional sourced wood from the so-called climate tree Paulownia/Kiri. 


As the fastest-growing deciduous tree, Kiri wood combines the properties of being able to store a lot of CO2 quickly and to grow like fruit on plantations, getting harvested and sprout again and again.


Wood is good!

Wood is not only a carbon accumultor. Wood is also renewable and it makes arca a climate-positive product (-131kg/CO2e per arca), that forms ideal properties in terms of intrinsic climate and vibration absorption to protect artworks.

Recycled and recyclable

However, a purely wooden crate does not provide the safety features artworks require. The selection of high-quality and durable materials allows for long-lasting use over many years. In addition, recycled hemp fibre materials are used for insulation. Carbon neutral rubber from discarded truck tyres protects the corners. 


Where plastics cannot be avoided, arca is equipped with 100 % recyclable or reusable materials. No additional material is needed in the packaging. 


This is how consistent product design works. Learn more about the hasenkamp group's sustainable actions. 


Key Benefits
  • Lightweight construction saves carbon dioxide
  • No additional packaging material
  • Fully sustainable product design

Smart Overall Concept

Smart Climate Data 

20 degrees Celcius, 50 percent humidity - the basic values for museum environments and the ideal climate for many objects.


arca is well insulated and preserves the climate inside the crate for a long time, so that the artworks are safely protected from temperature fluctuations.


Acclimatisation belongs to the past

The arca system is more than the crate itself, it consists of storage, transport and the art case. This makes acclimatisation times and the advance delivery of unconditioned crates a thing of the past.


Our climate-controlled vehicles and warehouses ensure ideal delivery conditions. A smart sensor system reports the interior climate of the crate to an app via Bluetooth. This means that the current status of temperature and humidity can be monitored at all times and supports your decision making.


Clever & Smart

arca is firm and stable on the outside - flexible and safe on the inside. Thanks to a flexible frame that adapts to paintings and pictures of different sizes and protects them ideally.


But arca also adapts to your needs, with well suited rental periods: Either short- or long-
term - storage time waste is avoided.


Key Benefits
  • No onsite acclimatisation necessary
  • Saving on extra trips
  • Transparency due to climate tracker

Object safety

No question that great works of art deserve the maximum possible protection. With arca – Made to Protect, we have focused on sustainability factors as much as possible without compromising on safety. The arca crates are IPPC and Oddy certified. The components used are of the best grade - and are individually selected and tested by our carpenters.


Patented mounting systems

arca is equipped with the proven shock-absorbing and flexible, adjustable mounting system, which fixes framed objects variably, quickly and above all securely - with the added ecological value that no additional packaging material is required.


Details make the difference

Maximum protection of the inner valuables is provided by a double silicone seal that reliably shields the interior from external influences. A local wall reinforcement made from recycled PET bottles provides robust impact protection against forklifts.


In addition to a high level of sustainability, the protection of values is the core of all.


Key Benefits
  • Proven adjustable mounting system with Polyurethane elastomers shock absorber
  • Smart features against external influences
  • Lockable locking system

Made from exceptional wood

Kiri, the fastest growing tree in the world, combines a variety of positive properties:

  • Ideal hygrsoscopic properties
  • Above-average insulating properties
  • IPPC certification
  • Extreme fire-resistance

Astonishing facts: The Kiri wood used for one arca crate grows back within 26 seconds. One tree can bind up to 35 kilograms of the greenhouse gas CO2 from the atmosphere per year.

Flexible frame -
one size fits all 

With outer dimensions of H 140 cm x W 136 cm x D 33 cm arca's fixing frame made from ash wood is adjustable for picture sizes from:

  • Minimum picture size H 51.5 cm X W 50.5 cm x D 0.5 cm to
  • Maximum picture size H 101 cm x W 105 cm x D 14.5 cm

Despite its comprehensive capabilities, the arca ultimately weighs only 55 kg. This makes it lightweight, easier to handle and saves CO2.

Tested & approved to safety & quality

The fully Oddy and IPPC certified components provide a safe environment to protect the inner values.

  • The Kiri wood is very strong and stable in relation to its weight due to its honeycomb cell structure.
  • 3-D-Printing elements guarantee highest quality to the demands of each crate

Additional scientifically guided research regarding shock absorbtion and climate stability testify to a sophisticated quality of the arca crate.

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